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I saw a good posting on Mind Mapping yesterday that’s prompted me to discuss it here. This being a blog about creativity and creative output, it’s that aspect of Mind Maps that I’ll focus on. You’ll also find links to plenty of Mind Mapping resources, many of them free.

First of all, if you’re not using Mind mapping already, you should be! Scroll down to the Tony Buzan video and check out the basics. And if you are already a Mind Mapper, then you probably should be using them even more. Not using Mind Maps is like being in a sail boat in a fair wind, but deciding to use the oars.

Okay, so you’ve no doubt spotted by now that I like Mind Maps.

Creativity and Mind Mapping

Mind Maps are inherently creative. Their central strength is that they encourage you to radiate ideas. These days I wouldn’t dream of beginning a project without Mind Mapping, and whenever I’m feeling foggy about my next steps I get out a big piece of paper and start a Mind Map. Typically I use A3, but bigger still can be better, so I find that using the back of left over wallpaper is fantastic when I want to really spread my mental wings.

There’s something about Mind Map’s non-linear process that makes possibilities leap out at you and I’m constantly amazed by the shear wham-bam exhilaration of creative energy let loose. I’ve found it a useful tool for beating creative block, creating fictional characters with depth, and all sorts of planning.

In my days as an English Lecturer I used computer mindmapping extensively, both for my own learning and for handouts. You’ll find some excellent software options below. But my computer based efforts were always based on hand drafted versions. I found them great for recording and reproducing Mind Maps, but too cumbersome for that initial explosion of ideas.

Mind Mapping Resouces

This video by Tony Buzan should get you started. It’s a bit ‘corporate cheesy’ if you get my drift, but a good introduction.

If you want to get the full low-down I’d recommend one of Buzan’s books on Mind Mapping.

Try: How to Mind Map: The Ultimate Thinking Tool That Will Change Your Life You can pick this up very cheaply and it will make sure you achieve Mind Mapping’s full power.

Using Mind Mapping for Creativity, Note Taking and Productivity, by Chris Garrett, is the post that prompted me to write this. It gives a good description of the many uses of Mind Mapping.

99 Mind Mapping Resources, Tools, and Tips, does what it says. It’s a fantastic resource for all things Mind Mappy.

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